Why have a crucifix in your home?

Some of you might find this surprising but I get asked this question quite a lot by Catholics, not just my Protestant friends! I would like to share with you five reasons why I feel it is important that a crucifix should be in your home, and not just a cross: a crucifix.

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Tell a better story!

Check out the King Salmon my nephew caught when we were on a charter trip a few weeks ago! Nice fish but seeing the picture does not do it justice. In fact, this kid lives to fish.

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Preserving the Requiem Mass of Bishop Francis R. Cotton

During November, the Church celebrates those holy souls who have gone on to attain their heavenly reward. Keeping with this theme, I usually feature a relic from the archives for the November article. However, the archives is currently working on a very special project and the first fruits of this venture fit perfectly into this month’s celebration.

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