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Fr. Stephen Van Lal Than

Bishop William F. Medley greets Angelica Moussa (center), and her mother, Raja el Khouri, before the April 4, 2023 Chrism Mass at the Owensboro Sportscenter. RILEY GREIF | WKC

With gratitude and faith, Moussa enjoys working at pastoral center


When Angelica Moussa arrived in the United States in 2021 with her mother, Raja el Khouri, she had no idea that one day she would gain a new work family at the McRaith Catholic Center of the Diocese of Owensboro.

Moussa and her mother came to the United States from Venezuela with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), an immigration status provided to nationals of designated countries experiencing problems that make it difficult or unsafe to live there. They resettled in Owensboro, where they became parishioners of Sts. Joseph and Paul Parish. Moussa had a job, but hoped she could find something that better used her creative gifts.

She learned that the diocese was looking for an administrative assistant to support several offices. She applied, and on Nov. 17, 2022, started her new role as the administrative assistant for the diocese’s offices of Hispanic/Latino Ministry, Human Resources and Safe Environment.

Since then, she has settled into the position and come to enjoy the job that she considers a great blessing as she works with Deacon Chris Gutiérrez in the Hispanic/Latino Ministry office, Mary Hall in the Human Resources office, and Janice Hendricks in the Safe Environment office.

“We all deserve an opportunity to succeed,” she said. “God put me on the right path to continue growing, I feel blessed and grateful to each of my coworkers.”

Moussa said that since she arrived in Owensboro, God has opened doors for her, and has been there for her through life’s “ups and downs, moments of love and disappointment,” such as learning of her mother’s cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

Her mother’s surgery went well and she is currently on the path to recovery, but Moussa says the beginning of the year was challenging.

“Thank God for placing in my way wonderful people with whom I work and who have been my family in difficult moments that I have experienced at the beginning of this year,” she said, grateful to her pastor, Fr. Jean-Rene Kalombo, Catholic Charities paralegal Miguel Quintanilla, Deacon Chris Gutiérrez, her mother, and her boyfriend and his family.

She said that these people have been her support in the worrisome moments through her mother’s health journey.

Having studied graphic design at Félix María Paredes School in Venezuela, where she received her bachelor of science degree, Moussa especially enjoys opportunities to do design work among her various responsibilities.

“I feel very proud of who I am and how I am growing in the path that God chose for me,” she said. “It has not been easy; it has been a challenge for me. Life gave me a 360 degree turn when I stepped on American soil – and for that reason I am very grateful.”

Moussa added that, “having faith is what makes us move forward, but it is not just saying it, but really feeling it, believing is what gives us the strength to be better – having faith is the greatest thing that God gives us, because that is how he tests his strongest warriors.”

Originally printed in the May 2023 issue of The Western Kentucky Catholic.

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