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Fr. Stephen Van Lal Than

Bishop William F. Medley welcomes a member of the elect during the Feb. 19, 2023 Rite of Election celebration at St. Leo Parish in Murray. COURTESY OF ZACH AULT

Catechumens and candidates enter final phase of preparation before joining Church


This time of year, it is common for those who are undergoing the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) to enter the final phase of catechetical and spiritual formation as they prepare to enter the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.

In February, the Diocese of Owensboro hosted several celebrations of the Rite of Election and the Call to Continuing Conversion across the region. Due to the vast size of the diocese and the need to make these celebrations accessible to the faithful, this took place three times at different locations: Feb. 19 at St. Leo Parish in Murray, and on Feb. 26 at both 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. at St. Stephen Cathedral in Owensboro.

A group from Holy Name of Jesus Parish attends one of the Feb. 26, 2023 Rite of Election celebrations at St. Stephen Cathedral in Owensboro. COURTESY OF ROSE WHEELER

The Rite of Election portion was for catechumens – those who have never been baptized – and the Call to Continuing Conversion portion was for candidates – those who have already been validly baptized and who are experiencing the call on their hearts to enter into full communion of the Catholic Church.

Please keep all catechumens and candidates in your prayers as they continue their journeys of seeking a deeper relationship with God.

To learn more, contact Deacon Ken Bennett, co-coordinator for the diocese’s Office of Worship, at [email protected].

Fr. Brandon Williams, co-coordinator for the Diocese of Owensboro’s Office of Worship, assists people in signing the Book of the Elect during one of the Feb. 26, 2023 Rite of Election celebrations held at St. Stephen Cathedral. COURTESY OF LAUREN JOHNSON

Originally printed in the April 2023 issue of The Western Kentucky Catholic.

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