April 1, 2023 | Local News

Brescia University awards Larry Hostetter Scholarship


OWENSBORO, KY (March 7, 2023) – Brescia University awarded the first Larry Hostetter Scholarship this past semester. This scholarship was created by generous donors Ron and Cathy Tisch to serve as a perpetual legacy to Brescia University President, Fr. Larry Hostetter, and to aid in the financial assistance to deserving students. The student awarded this scholarship was Zakirullah Ahmadzai, a refugee from Afghanistan who is living in Owensboro.

The goal of this award is to provide aid in financial assistance to deserving students to increase the socio-economic diversity on campus. The recipients will be encouraged to participate in social projects while attending Brescia. The original principal endowment was $250,000 and will be used to provide a renewable scholarship for up to four years at Brescia University.

“I was very humbled when I learned of this gift to create a scholarship in my name,” stated Hostetter, “It is designed to help students who have a financial need while encouraging the recipients to use their education in the spirit of servant leadership. I am grateful to Ron and Cathy Tisch for this opportunity to help our students.”

Ahmadzai worked with the USA forces in Afghanistan for 12 years before having to evacuate due to country being captured by the Taliban. He is currently working towards his master’s degree. “I graduated in December 2013 in Afghanistan and planned to get my master’s degree there but was busy working with the United States Army and couldn’t find time. When I arrived in Owensboro, I met with Fr. Larry and asked about master’s degrees at Brescia. Brescia University is one of the best universities in Kentucky, even in the United States and I am happy to choose Brescia for my master’s.”

Ron and Cathy Tisch said of the scholarship, “We hope other individuals or families will contribute to this scholarship endowment to honor Fr. Larry’s tireless commitment to Brescia over the years.”

For more information on this scholarship, please contact Rachel Whelan, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at [email protected] or 270.686.2110.

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